New Year’s Resolution

On January 31 I ended up in some clubhouse full of young people and noisy music. Well, being a club and New Year’s party ( and of course, that young crowd) it was understandable that the music was loud. What was totally puzzling for me, was the fact that the music (and its level) never stopped. It was glaring nonstop thus any attempt to converse by anybody was lost. Not that it was causing any distress to the young crowd. No, they were all busy texting on their I-phones, Blackberries, and all other types of what used be called just cell phones. Until just about midnight the dance floor was empty, except for two lonely girls dancing with each other. None of the boys seem to be interested or obliged to ask their girls for a dance. And , obviously, the girls didn’t mind or didn’t care. They were too busy with cells. A few years earlier such a behavior would cost you a slap on your face and you would act as boyfriend and a gentleman or the girl would walked out on you. Did people really change they social behavior that much? Are we no longer pursuing some semblance of good manners? The insanity of replacing human contact with a contact via a telephone is just amazing. What is the point of getting together if you ignore that person? So my advice and suggestion for New Year resolution:

Talk to a human being. Remember that a phone is just a gadget, not a person. Don’t talk on it while being with a lover, friend or anybody else. If someone does it to you – walk out. You don’t owe such a person any explanation. They are obviously being rude to you and why should you let them do it?

About Bogumil P-G

publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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