Worlds apart

The past few weeks I have been celebrating, among millions of other people in Canada, many small and large Pride Days. Today was a Montreal turn, two days ago in New Westminister where instead of typical Parade organizers simply changed the popular Columbia Street into a sort of county Fair. The first weekend of August it was huge Pride Parade in Vancouver with well over half a million participants. It was really heartwarming to see the entire community embracing tolerance, respect and friendship toward everyone.
At the same time across the border, in Missouri, ten days ago policeman murdered a young, unarmed black man. What follow is a continues chaos, demonstrations, looting, more police violence and clearly visible huge divide between the black community on one side, and the whit one on the other. Martial Law was declared than withdrew and than re-imposed again tonight. Local white police force was put into the shadow after appalling performance in the first days of demonstrations and replaced by State Troopers and than National Guard. Armored vehicles patrol the street and military-type helicopters fly above the town; reporters were arrested, tear gas and rubber bullets used; so was looting and Molotov cocktails hurled at police. In an unusual step the Secretary General of UN called on the US to uphold the right of citizens to peacfull demonstration and the freedom of speech and freedom of press. In 2014, in North America.
Something is terribly wrong, something is simply not right with social peace and coexistence in United States. Not so many years ago entire sections of Los Angeles were burned down by angry mobs. Is is just hooligans and anarchists? No. It is the entire black community which still feels and actually is treated very badly in America. They are the free yet poor and under-educated; free but marginalized to large extend; they have rights but no one is showing them how to exercise these rights. In short – they are truly second class citizens for practical purposes. And it has to stop. It has to change or we are waiting for terrible upheaval in not so distant future. Upheavals that will shake the very foundation of social order in entire North America.
History has shown many times that it is not enough to just give someone equal rights. One has to help the new freed men to understand what freedom is, how to use it and how to benefit from it. When you give people just the freedom and deny him true economic benefits of it, you often just changing the chains on his wrists and ankles.
Something is terribly wrong when we see on our streets police armored vesicles, bayonets and heave military style equipment and tactics. Most of the time it is just before the beginning of the end of ruling kings, governments.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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