Palestinian tragedy

Today, after a tireless and strenuous work of Secretary General of United Nations, with the assistance of US Secretary of State, full week of non-stop negotiations achieved a fleeting 12 hours break in the tragic Israeli attack on Gaza. Today also mark a sad and dubious “record” – the list of killed (by large extend civilians) among Palestinians crossed the one thousand mark. The short ceasefire, which is to expire in the next few hours, is accompanied by Israel’s statement that the military operation will resume. “Military operation” means in normal language a further bombardment of homes (or what’s left of them), schools, hospitals, places of worship. The Hamas resolve on the other side seem to be hardening, too. If Israeli Prime Minister thinks that he will secure peace for Israel and that Palestinians are going to be loving and respectful neighbors from now on – he must be not only criminal but indeed delusional. As the Jews should know the Old Testament better anyone else (after all, the Old Testament, Torah and Talmud are their books originally and foremost), they would know that violence begot violence, that the fathers revenge is continued by his son. Do they really thing that any brother, son, husband, father who witnessed the death of sister, mother, wife, son will ever forgive and forget it? Ever?
And who in their right mind can really trust Israel’s proclamations that they would like to achieve lasting peace with Palestinians? After nearly 50 years of denying them the right for their own, secure state. Palestinian state on a Palestinian soil. The only Paletine they want to see is a series of broken up bantustans, lack of real economy and any semblance of actual sovereignty. And the Palestinians will never succumb to that. Rightfully so. It is time North America and Europe starts facing the reality and say seriously: enough is enough. We can’t accept being always bullied by memory of Holocaust. One terrible injustice of one state in the past cannot be used as an excuse for perpetuating another one for eternity. Specially that Palestinians had absolutely nothing to do with what happened in Europe between 1935 and 1945.
I despise antisemitism. I despise blaming the Jews for all our ailments. It is simply not true but also a sign of total ignorance. And an ugly sign of weakness of people, who blame their own shortcomings on ‘cosmic powers’ beyond their control. And, most of all, I despise antisemitism based on religious beliefs. But I also despise people who use their own true grievances to gain sympathy and support to bully others. And it is exactly what Israel as a state does toward Palestinians. For way too long already. It is time to put a stop to it.

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