All Canadains are equal! Just some are more, Mr. Orwell

Or should I say: in a new book “Canadian Farm” by distinguished author (and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) Mr. Chris Alexander, all Canadians are proclaimed equal, just some are a bit more than the others …. Wonder if author of “Animal Farm”, Mr. Orwell, would sue for plagiarism? Top Canadian human rights groups and a sizable number or Canadian academics are very much opposed to the idea espoused in bill C-24. In a Petition circulated to have it stopped they argue that:

Why should my citizenship be worth less than other Canadians, just because my mom was born in a different country and I’m a dual citizen? Nobody should be a second-class Canadian, no matter where their family comes from.

Canada is all about diversity. Many Canadians were born in other countries or are citizens of other countries because of their family history – and all of us are 100% Canadian.

But this new law – Bill C-24 – will shatter a core principle of Canadian citizenship – that all Canadians have equal rights. This new law will make a second-class citizen out of every Canadian who’s born elsewhere or who is a dual citizen.

And so do I. Very much so. It is abhorrent to me that someone would even contemplate to bring such a fascist-inspired law to the floor of a Parliament. The government and the Parliament can and should decide who can apply to become a Canadian Citizen. And if such an application was made willfully under grossly false arguments and involving undisclosed grave acts – than a proper Canadian judge should be able to strip such a citizenship proclaiming it granted under false pretense. And therefore void and null. And such a provision is enshrined in existing law. But the new Act of Minister Chris Alexander goes much further. It opens an avenue of taking away the citizenship under certain situations and conditions. Thus making the citizenship itself a temporary and conditional act. For millions of Canadians. If your parents were born in Canada (and of course, you were) than your citizenship is permanent; if you or your parents were not – then your citizenship is conditional. A travesty of what citizenship is and ought to be. Mr Alexander and Mr. Harper are not Imperial Sovereigns to take away citizens rights. They are the servants of these Citizens. How dare they to even contemplate such a dictatorial bill? I’m aghast. Remember the times when ‘people of colour’ where also a part-time citizens in the US? When Chinese Trans-Canada Railway builders had to pay an enormous head tax to bring their wives and children? when Ukrainian and Polish Canadians were interred during the I WW hostilities, when the same happened to Japanese Canadians in the next world war? No, that’s not the Canada I arrived to many years ago. Not the one I took very seriously my citizenship oath to. And I didn’t pay my taxes for decades to maintain the school and university minister Chris Alexander attended so he can diminish my Canadianship. I can assure you it is stronger than Mr. Alexander’s. For it is by deliberate choice, not by chance. To all of you, who honour your Canada, our Canadian tradition and to foster a good and amicable future of our country, I urge you to follow the advice of thousands of truly wonderfull Canadians and sign the Petition demanding scrapping of this infamous bill C-24. Here is the link to the Petition. And, of course belated, nonetheless joyous Happy Canada Day! Our Canada.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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