Onset of dementia or creative psychosis?

Funny thing happened on the way to … well, to where, lol?! As I deal relatively often with poems of other poets which, from time to time, end up on my hard drive (poems, not poets!) and some of which (seldom) I translate or attempt to and than place them in the same folders where some of my poems end up – it might create funny situation. The other day I was looking for my own poem and couldn’t find it. So I searched many ‘computer drawers’ and found an unfinished poem which was partially familiar. But not fully. A style I might use sometime, theme definitely one I have used many times. But I could have not be sure! Unfinished, familiar – but what if it was familiar because I was trying to translate someone’s else work!? An unexpected and funny indeed paranoia. Was I allowing myself mentally to plagiarize someone work? Or could I not with certainty recognize own work? I just left it like that. Did not claim it as mine nor was able to assign it to anyone else. An unfinished poem in search of an author! Ha, a problem worth horatian wisdom. As mine was lacking, obviously.
Alas, the weather was gorgeous for few days. Unlike the poor souls in Maritimes. Over a meter of snow in Newfoundland and similarly in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island. Magnolias, picturesque cherry trees, crocuses displaying an orgy of colours and smells. Every year for as long as I remember. Yet every time equally wonderful, surprising and leaving me with awe and hosannas.
So what if I can’t remember my (?) poems? Nature is writing the same one every year for millenia, now. So She must forgetful, too! But no one complains and we all joyfully read her repetitious poems every time with the same happiness. Joie de viovre, mon cher amis! Joie de vivre! Who cares about an unfinished or unwritten poem? Life is an eternal song, ballad, an ode.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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