Honores mutant mores

Privileges and distinctions, when given, tend to erode the honorability and good graces of those who receive them. Honores mutant mores, my dear Cicero.
So is the dramatic and truly disgusting continuation of the who-has- stolen-who-had- lied-who-attempted-to-cover-it-up debate in the Senate and in the Commons. Today, satirically compared by me yesterday to an ancient warrior, senator Brazeau revealed that just this morning he was offered a backroom deal by the Conservative Senate Leader. To which the senator-leader replied that yes, but it was just a friendly advise, not really a ‘deal’. In another words: what’s the big deal with the ‘deal’ that wasn’t a deal?
And senator Wallin proclaimed that the Senate wants (quote): her head on a platter! My dear God Almighty. Next thing we will learn that Harper wants to send them off in a barge across the Atlantic to the Tower of London and the Queen personally will behead them. Paranoia.

But it is truly a Shakespearean paranoia, nonetheless: for it is all about the Power, full and uncontested. It has nothing to do with the good of the people or the country. To all the actors and players in this tragicomedy – shame on you.

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