Why spiders weave

Naturally, despite some perplexing dislikes toward reading, I still am drawn from time to time to full size books of interesting authors. Sometime with absolutely delightful rewards; more often with regrets. So few people write these days about their passions (be it intellectual or carnal) in a truly honest way. Everything must be directed toward market and marketability. Writers are constantly looking for new (read: original and shocking if possible) webs of convoluted narrative and perpetually hidden goal or aim; philosophers and thinkers, instead of simply presenting their thesis, look how to prove that their adversary (or colleague) is wrong in their latest book or essay. Who cares about wrong ideas or approaches! Just show what you think is a right way. Specially if we all now that there is no one way. Of course, give us some solid reasons and deductions why is it so. Don’t waste your’s (and ours) time on yesterday’s wrongs and fallacies. If yours is better and more logical or truthful – it will suffice. Otherwise you are not much more than editorial scribe who finds glaring mistakes but produces nothing new or better.
If you can’t find an honest and true publisher willing to take a risk on your good story or subject – look somewhere else. Self-publishing? Why not. Better than writing bubbles for established houses, who lost their original quest and aim and become nothing more than Wallmarts of literary world. But don’t become self-absorbed. Even if the story is good – it is still just one from an Arabian one thousandth and one.
To be true on my part – I do understand that at times (perhaps even most of the time) it is not possibly to be overly simplistic. Just as we seldom arrive in life at the right conclusion or decision instantly, thus same must be true for literature. As long as we remember in formatting the structure and aesthetics, that at some point some clarity and purpose should be realized. A fully developed spider’s web does look splendid and arcane. But the reason for it is firstly and lastly: to catch the fly. If it doesn’t than the web is useless and wrong. No matter how interesting it might appear at first glance.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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