Finally – A Literary Nobel for Canadian

Alice Munro, by Andreas Vartdal (Wikimedia Commons)

Alice Munro, an 82 years old shy but gigantic in accomplishments writer from small town in Ontario, won this year Nobel Prize for Literature.
No one deserved it more than her. A master of short stories delivered in impeccable style. In the past 50 years or so, in my opinion there were only two truly great writers on Canadian literary scene: Mordechai Richler from Montreal and Alice Munro.
Munro, far more quite and reserved, maybe even a bit diminutive, than her contemporary and not shy at all Margaret Atwood, mastered the form of short story into a glorious literary experience. Just as Peter Gzowski with his oral stories on CBC radio taught me a lot about Canada, thus Munro taught me, through her writing, the feelings and the fragile humanity of Canadian soul and people. Specially Canadian women.
In her short comments on the news of the Nobel, she added an interesting comment: “I would really hope this would make people see the short story as an important art, not just something you played around with until you got a novel.” (on CBC ). One couldn’t agree more. Many a novella or huge volume would fare far better if shorter a hundred or so pages …
Dear Ms. Munro – my heartfelt congratulation in the wake of this fully deserved honour. And thank you very much for sharing your world of literary ingenuity with your readers.

On somewhat similar note – alas, not of similar importance – it is with pleasure that I received an information of Literary Award for Andrzej Busza, a prominent Polish-Canadian poet. An Association of Polish Writers Abroad (in London, Great Britain) presented Mr. Busza with it’s Award of Lifetime Literary Achievement. Andrzej Busza ‘belongs’ to (not unlike Alice Munro) group of writers who toil quietly, unassumingly. Yet – profoundly. A chance meeting with his poetry is always rich in literary connectivity with hundreds of years of tradition, analogies. But unlike Munro who excels in simplicity, Busza excels in subtle analogy, retrospective on the basis of ‘uncommon commonality’. Perhaps never a full meal but always an exquisite dessert.

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