In the service of Mammon

In old, pre-Jewish Aramaic, Mammon was the god of money. In more modern times, it is also considered one of Christian’s theology symbol of gluttony. Today it could be easily translated as a sin of greed, symbol of corruption, bribery.
Just a post or two ago I have lamented on the scandalous misappropriations of the entire Canadian Senate (some members in a clearly criminal manner, but the entire institution in a symbolic, (un)ethical way).
Today, early in the morning, the police in Quebec, arrested the mayor of Montreal on the charges of corruption (among other similar charges). It seems that the entire last year brought into public view a full slew of Quebec municipal government officials who where to put it clearly thieves and as corrupt as any government official in India or Russia. Mayor after mayor, councilors, public figures and politicians of all stripes (although the Conservative shade seems to be the most involved). Perhaps it is Russia and India that should be pointing the finger at Canada. For there is nothing more perverse than ‘holier than thou’ attitude of some Canadians, which seems to be based too often on mistaken identity crisis. Too many crooks and thieves among ourselves to start pointing fingers at others. Hans Holbein, German painter from XVI century left us his vision of Dance Macabre – the rich man in the service of greed-death. Is there no end to all these non-stop stories of everyday lies and deception within our not-so-perfect democracies? It makes one ill. Makes one want to scream: enough already! Maybe the punishment for this type of crimes should the tenfold higher than regular punishment in criminal law? For it is not simply stealing and corruption – it is corrupting the entire nation. It makes mockery of what we are suppose to be as a society. Mr. Obama, Mr. Harper, Mr. Cameron – maybe spend a bit less time spying on your own citizenship and your so-called allies and pay more attention to the sordid actions of your own governments, high public officials and the poor administration of justice, when the accused are from top echelons of government and industry. You are loosing in a big time the remnants of respect and moral ground (if any left). So, before you start preaching next time to others from high and above – look around your own neighborhood. You might be surprised. Or not. Which would be sad, but not totally unexpected.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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