A sober chamber

‘Sober’ in this case alludes to: serious, reflective, paying attention. Not as an opposite to drunken chamber. I am talking of course about the Senate. The Canadian one. A venerated upper chamber of Canadian Parliament, a place where Augustinian wisdom and Aurelian love for the country allows the most honorable Senators to scrutinize the work of junior House of Commons where common Members think too much about politics and not enough about the motherland. Most honorable Senators. Like Mike Duffy. Or Pamela Whallin or the heroic Native chief, Patrick Brazeau. All scoundrels.
Sounds as a cheap joke from drunken comedian in a cheap bar (not so sober chamber) ? So is the Canadian Senate. At best a place for warm and rewarding sinecure for washed up politicians and party hacks, at worst a gathering of cynics, hypocrites and most of all – opportunists.

Jester - by J. Fraden

It has no useful role in a way it’s structured in the Constitution. The original formula for representation from the provinces has long ago ceased to exist. It is to put it simply a dumping place for Prime Ministers lackeys. Nothing more, nothing less. A rather dishonorable (and if sober – only because most of the members are too old to seriously drink anymore) chamber of Parliament. A shameful place in today’s Canada. No point paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for inquiries who cheated the most and how money were stolen. Just get rid of it altogether. Yes, it requires some serious constitutional negotiations and legal maneuvers. But it has to be done. No point in waiting.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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