Middle East

Syria and now add to it new Israeli barrage of rockets on Palestinian’s Gaza Strip. To be objective one cannot forget that the new Jewish state attack is in response to missiles from Palestinian side. But one can’t compare Israel military might and crude , really hardly an effective weaponry, Palestinian’s rockets. And a simple reminder: Palestinians are under Israel’s occupations. They do not have a state. In a way, they are at the mercy of their powerful neighbor-occupier.
Northern Africa, the entire coast from Asia Minor up to the shores of Spain is a powder keg waiting to explode. A result of post colonial borders and quasi states, full of religious strife (Sunnis and Shiites), and enormous economical benefits to the the rest of the world. Specially Western World: Sues Canal and oil. And Israel in the middle of it. A state that has a right to exist but does everything wrong to secure it’s existence. If an army and total dependence on foreign military (USA) support is the main source of any state raison d’être, than the entire policy is on very shaky foundation. And if you add the fact that your state is an island on an angry ocean – you better do more than whip the waves that come to your shores. Ancient Greeks learnt that lesson. So should Israelis.
And, as a side reflection: my gosh, since the time of Crusaders and even prior to it, the enormity and calamity of constant wars between the varying tribes of believers in one and the same god: the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims. All professing the same origin and the same deity. If they do not fight each other (brief moments in thousands of years of common history), they quickly turn to kill they own different sects and segments of religious orthodoxy or schism. What a monstrosity and heaven-high peaks of hypocrisy.

Enough already, stop fighting and start talking. Bad boys. Someone ought to take all your toys away. Maybe than you will learn a new game to play. One that does not involve losers and winners.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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