Dziekanski’s legacy

Few days ago was a fifth anniversary of tragic death of Robert Dziekanski – victim of Police brutality, unprofessional conduct and arrogant attitude. Have things changed since? Hard to measure, specially that not all that was promised to the public has bore formal fruits, yet. They are coming, though. It is also truth that a serious change in established rules of such powerful and entrenched organizations as Police Forces are not easy to be introduce and effectively enforced. The dismal performance of last RCMP Commander, Mr. Elliot only added to that confusion. But Robert Dziekanski’s death acted as catalyst for a plethora of scandals, revelations, outings and inquiries. Things are changing on many fronts. Maybe nothing huge on any particular one, but put together they form an avalanche.
Just watch the statistics: the use of Taser guns dropped in BC 87%. That’s right: eighty seven percent. Both, BC and federal government are in the process of establishing new, independent from Police Forces ways of investigating serious complaints against Police Forces. Those are the cornerstones of what we, as a public, demanded in the wake of the death of Robert Dziekanski.

We were told that it couldn’t be done, that it wouldn’t work. Well, it could. And it does.

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