God is found!

Scholastics, over the past hundred of years, were trying to scientifically prove the existence of God. In my own family, brother of my maternal grandmother, late professor Jozef Grzelczak, devoted his entire long life to do that. Although I liked him a lot, for he was an exceptionally good man and uncle (sort of that cliche image of an old good priest whom everyone loves and respects), I could have never understood why and how he was pursuing his academic studies. Well, it appears that not an old priest, but a bunch of scientists from more esoteric field of sub particle physics, have finally found a material, touchable if you will, proof of god. Not at all an old fellow with white long beard. Not even a humanoid or any type of ‘personoid’. A tiny, tiny particle that moves through universe and creates it, shapes it to a form that is familiar to our senses. It is called “The Higgs particle”. A glue that binds other, heavier particles together. Or gives them mass. Or allows them to be in a sense. To distinguish between themselves. And to start forming. One of this formations, I suppose, is human form and being. Now, the fundamental question is: is Higg’s Particle a god or is it ‘Adam’? Or is it a gate to a new, unknown Subuniverse and Subnature that will remain forever beyond our reach and comprehension? That’s a tall order and a long pondering. In a meantime, I guess, I still have to get up from this computer keyboard and go to do some laundry and shopping for dinner. In order to digest some particles through my internal univierse. Higgs boson or not.

About Bogumil P-G

publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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