Lisiecki’s concert at VSO

meeting in Hotel Vancouver

This Saturday, June 2, Jan (or as those who know him: Jas, which is diminutive Polish form of ‘Jan’) will perform with Vancouver Symphonic Orchestra in their Golden Masterworks series. Jas will play Schumann’s Piano Concerto.
Jan Lisiecki is without any doubt the new raising star of piano virtuosos and interpreters of classical music. His comet-like career on world stages is inspiring and full of awe. I had the great pleasure of listening to his interpretations of Chopin during his brief stay in Vancouver 2 years ago, when he played in Surrey Arts Centre. Since than I tried to follow his achievements. Impossible task, as this young fellow travels from one country to another, performs with the best and gathers plenty of accolades from renowned, older artists and critics.
What struck me, though, was his equally amazing charm, and child-like enthusiasm and demeanor in private. Having the chance to meet him and his mother at private talk in Hotel Vancouver during their stay there in Fall 2009 – I was taken by this boy and his mature, yet boyish outlook and understanding of life and his own future ( more or less: que serra!, for now I have fun and I love what I do. In years to come; que serra, serra!). What a refreshing early afternoon it was. And his visible attachment to his mother, her ow charming and natural care toward him and pride totally void of false pretenses.
Hence my wishes for Jas: keep that boyish, exploring attitude for as long as you can. With your natural talent and amazing gift, this attitude may be what you might need the most to survive emotionally the very turbulent waters of international fame and stardom.
And to all of you, who love great music – call the VSO in Vancouver as soon as possible. There are still few tickets left. The performances are on June 2 and 4. You will not regret it. Here is the link to VSO - Orpheum Theatre.

Jas Lisiecki and his Mother

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