The 99%

Warsaw, Solidarity demonstration in Dec.1981, Vancouver October 2011

An image above is rather all-telling. The oil painting dates from the dark days of communist imposed Martial Law in Poland and brutal police suppression of people protesting their rights as free people. The sign below was the most visible sign in Saturdays demonstration in Vancouver. We are the 99% of the population, the 99% of the electorate, the 99% of the wealth of the land. And yet, our rights are being subservient to the rights of a few, our servants are acting as our masters, the police, which we pay for, and even the army is often used to suppress our demands and freedoms. Is this the way is supposed to be? Is it?
Just click on the picture of the policeman in my yesterday post. The one with the video camera. Enlarge it and take time to study the young protester who talks to the policeman, study his body language and face and compare it to the facial expression of the policeman, his clenched fist and his body language. Partners? Really?
Today the protest continue all over the Western world. In London on the steps of it’s monumental and imposing St. Paul cathedral, in Frankfurt, in Toronto. Even in Warsaw, a place where the infamous battle with citizens took place 30 years ago as portrayed on the painting above (accidentaly – or not – the painter was my father, Bogumil Pacak Sr.).
The Occupy Vancouver movement is well prepared and offers it, s own version of events, plans and reasons on it’s own webpage. Visit it, you might find something that sparks you own interest or passion.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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