Part 3 of ‘being dumb…’

Greece, Italy, insolvency in Europe? No. New York, in a hard heart of new age globalitalism (my term for XXI century version of capitalism combined with cannibalization of markets and production): Wall Street. Daily demonstration in front of the center of financial markets.
For a few weeks now, on a daily basis, throngs of people gather in New York to protest their frustration and anger. At the beginning no one (really?) could make much of a sense of it. Specially the regular mass media, i.e. TV, daily and weekly press. No wonder. The daily press and national TV stations (sorry – networks, as it is called nowdays) are a big part of that , that is being protested. Mainly a big business and the top echelons of its executives. A new feudal class that is being build on the backs of overburdened, overworked and increasingly under a strain of huge personal debt, society.
Slowly the jest of the protests are being understood. Even the president Obama noticed it and spoke about it positively. I am not sure honestly and possibly more of political expediency – but in a good way nonetheless.
No, there are no specific political demands, no : ‘do this and that’ or ‘we want this and that’. But there is a very clear, unmissable message: stop this economical mess, stop the lies and the constant pauperization of workers and society in general. And stop rewarding thieves for their inability to run their industries properly. Stop paying huge and obscene amounts of money to those who mismanaged the banks, companies and markets. Oligarchy, feudalistic nepotism does not reside solely in Russia or somewhere in Africa – it took root in New York, London, Frankfurt and Toronto. Perhaps enough is enough. Politicians would do well if they notice that trend. Or they themselves might end up paying stiff price comes election time. These demonstration might soon come to a town near you. Don’t dismiss them as an excess of ‘professional troublemakers’. Perhaps this people do it for you, too. Maybe even think of joining them for one evening.

As it is Thanksgiving in Canada – I wish all and each one a happy and generous meal. And I wish that all of you stop for a moment of reflection on the original reason of Thanksgiving. Not, not the ancient tradition of celebrating the crops – it is the North American tradition of sharing. Sharing in the crops and abundance. Sharing – not stealing. Happy Thanksgiving.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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