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Jack Layton – man of hope

Jack Layton, the charismatic leader of New Democratic party of Canada has lost his long and courageous battle with cancer. A man, who represented with tenacity the other, more soft and compassionate part of Canada. Canada not associated with guns … Continue reading

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part two of being dumb (or duped)

It is rather difficult to try to explain in a short and concise way a semi-philosophical concept. When you try to use terminology and even the most rudimentary arsenal of serious writing – it becomes a bore and loses its … Continue reading

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Dumb capitalism

This is the simplest and most apt description of modern day capitalism. Our system of socio-economical organization as a conglomerate of dimwits and smarter dimwits. What used to be only yesterday a triumphal concept in its struggle with Russo-Sino concept … Continue reading

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Polityk czy przywódca?

Kim jest Barak Obama​? Zastanawiało mnie to obserwując jego polityczne manewry w czasie ostatniej debaty nad ratowaniem amerykańskich finansów i zadłużenia. Tak w tej debacie, jak i poprzednich (opieka medyczna i dostęp do niej społeczeństwa amerykańskiego) Obama wykazał nadzwyczajną zdolność … Continue reading

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