Murdoch – free press debacle

If you are watching or reading or listening to the media recently , you couldn’t have escaped the news of British press fiasco and the scandals ensuing. Yes, the one being played right now in front of cameras and Parliamentary hearings. The one with the Murdoch overlords themselves and their underlings saying ad nausea: ‘we didn’t know’, ‘we are sorry’ , never again’ and so on and so on. What it means in plain English is: ‘we are sorry that we were caught’, ‘have we known that there is going to be a leak – we would have cover all the tracks’, ‘we will be more careful the next time we will do something illegal or utterly morally wrong’.
It all has to do with the spirit of invisibility of the huge monopolies in media, as it does in every huge multinational, or national for that matter, corporation. It has to do with C.E.O and C.O.S (more o r less meaning the “top boss”) having an extraordinary and unwarranted salaries and perks believing that they are a class into itself, above and beyond the law, morals and public scrutiny. What is more appalling in this case, is the fact that they do control the news, they are so called ‘independent’ eyes and ears of free press. The ones, who on our behalf watch over the politicians and the masters of industry. Uncovering the dirt and wrong doings of our agents and servants. A certain moral Court of the Citizen.
Well, dear Citizen – your judge is as corrupt as the criminals in front of him. The only moral code the judge is relying on is the code of power, greed and own security. First, they destroyed truly independent press. Bought out almost all little, local papers and TV stations (just as other corporate magnates killed independent local businesses). Than they allowed a limited number of good journalist a relative freedom of thought and opinion (that’s the carrot in front of your eyes) – than they carefully and slowly established a tight sieve trough which a news trickle down to you, dear Citizen. And most importantly: which news. By doing so, they themselves become the source of the news. Most importantly: the source of power. Politicians, that they themselves carefully portrayed (often correctly) as untrustworthy liars and cheaters, now have become pawns in their games, afraid to do or protest anything, fearing that the media can and will destroy them.
That’s why all of them were and are so strongly opposed to the Wikileaks phenomena. A new and independent source of news. Without a commentary. A novel concept, that assumes that you, the reader, have enough mental capacity to judge the info on your own. And to pass an independent judgement.
The internet is a powerful tool. It could enlighten you and the world around you. But you have to be careful as and how you use it. Judge the facts, not the opinions. But be open-minded. Examine everyday your own set of values and ask yourself why these values were form and how they were form. Perhaps it is time (as it should be from year to year) to re-adjust it a bit. Perhaps your own view is outdated and your own judgement askew. If the world around you is changing – maybe you should change a bit, too?

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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