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Kilka dni po zajściach

Miesiąc ponad do kolejnych eleminacji Symfonii Świateł a tu wieczorne ognie, petardy i łuny w sercu Vancouveru. Naturalnie piszę o “słynnych” Vancouver riots po przegranej finałów Pucharu Stanleya. What a shame. Bandy rozwydrzonych chuliganów i setki beznadziejnie głupiej młodzieży w … Continue reading

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Boat people and Canada

Today the Canadian federal government announced new measures and arrests in regards to the so called ‘human smuggling of illegal immigrants’ to Canada. It all sounds nice and dandy on the surface. Ministers from government in front of cameras used … Continue reading

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Just as calendar seasons, such are our lives; winter, spring (never eternal, but beautifully fleeting and fleetingly beautiful), summer and fall. They do not correspond, as popularly believed, to our biological eras. At least not permanently and without a chance … Continue reading

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