Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – future of Canadian Crown?

Here we go. The happy and big hoopla of the House of Windsors begun. Millions of people watched on the teli (and on TV sets outside of Merry Ol’) as young and handsome couple of William and Kate tied the knot in Westminster Abbey. Both look indeed splendid and happy. William dashing in the scarlet uniform of Irish Regiment and Cathryn very elegant and pose. Even the Queen looked amused in a good way. And, of course, thousands upon thousands of smiling Brits. Who would think that in 2011 a royal wedding would bring such an overwhelming interest and become a focal points for millions of people. Well, I think that the Buckingham Palace and Windsors finally achieved the status of Hollywood stardom (with the wedding and tragic death of Dianna as prelude). And if it sounds a bit sarcastic – I do not intend to write it with venom or in ill intend. My best wishes for them. After all, I am myself a loyal subject of Her Majesty. And I am truly. She is a good Queen and served her country well and with dignity. She even provide not too bad a service to the Commonwealth and Canada in particular. And I thank Her for that. I also truly do wish the best for the handsome Heir to the British Throne and his new wife. But I also wish that their restrict their royal duties to the true homeland – England. It is time to do away with vestiges of British Empire. Let bygones be bygones.
It is a high time to bring that subject to serious political debate in Canada. Time to say goodbye to the governors general. We need a monarch of our own. And we deserve one who lives in his/her Realm. Not an ocean away. It should not take place before the death of the Queen but it should be arranged before the new monarch is installed. The Queen and Canadian Parliament should be engaged in that transition. Otherwise it will be the end of monarchy in Canada. For the sake of unity I think that the best approach would be to suggest that the Queen in Her testament would cede the Canadian Crown to another member of the Royal Family – that would ensure the symbolic tie with British Crown but start a new lineage of separate Canadian Crown. It is sad commentary that Canadian politicians and Canadian people treat it with dismissive hand -wave: who cares. Well, perhaps one should. And should a lot. It is important who is the Head of our country. Who symbolizes who we are as a Nation and who personifies our country.

Canada is no longer an English Canada. It is in many ways a very different country from the one in 1952 when Elizabeth II took the Crown. To have just an appointed proxy is not enough anymore. We deserve our own, devoted only to us monarch. Not a civil servant acting as a rep.

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