Coalition – a bad thing?

Unfolding election campaign n Canada has provided us with some indeed strange propositions. The governing Conservatives somehow manage to portray the prospect of a coalition government as a bad thing. After running third minority government out of each none was permanent or smooth – the prospect of a coalition is being touted as paramount to attack on a free elections, on a democratic choice. Steven Harper is warning that a coalition (coalition of opposition parties, of course) would amount to revolt against the wishes of electorate. What is shocking is that the Liberal Party has bought that false argument and vows not to form a coalition. What a stupidity and constitutionally wrong supposition. Coalition would not only be legal and constitutional – it would finally put at helm a majority of electorate. In a parliamentary democracy a minority government does not represent majority of a country. The opposition is the majority. Otherwise there would be not a minority government!
It is as simple as that. Coalition could and would finally provide Canada with some sort of government stability and a semblance of a majority rule and wishes. It could also prevent any party from forcing only their view and program – as obviously none of the parties got a mandate for it. Yes, I wish there would be a coalition. And I am convinced that it would serve Canada well. Perhaps it would ease a bit the traditionally and wrongly assumed adversary positions of all the parties. Perhaps they would remember that their first and foremost task should be to serve the nation, not their party. Will it happen? It is still possible. Stranger things happened in politics. And stronger promises had been broken.

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