Fires of democracy in Arab world

From Tunisia to Morocco, from Jordan to Egypt unprecedented mass protests are sweeping the streets and minds of people of Arabia. In a countries were dictatorship is the norm, where presidents and kings rule unopposed for decades in semi-medieval ways – things are changing. And changing fast. Young people seem to be undeterred in their desire to change history. Revolution in the making. A revolution that already has, but undoubtedly will have tremendous effect on the entire North Africa and Arabian Peninsula/Asia Minor. It will change the balance of power and failed status quo of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, possibly even Lebanon and rise to power of Islamic radicalisation. What will happen in Egypt, the half-asleep giant of Arabia will change the world over there. And whatever happens it is clear already – things will never be the same there. I bet you anything that the royal bedrooms in Saudi Arabia are witnessing sleepless nights these days. Probably also in the political quarters in Teheran. Modern Egypt knows only 3 modern leaders: Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak. Now it might be time for the fourth one – the People. And it is a big unknown. It might be socially progressive, it might be religiously extremist. But it will be different than yesterday.

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