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As I was watching today the Golden Globe Awards, I noticed to my astonishment that great artist and renowned writer Justin Bieber sported a new hairdo! He no longer looks like a 13 year old. It did aged him prematurely I would say. He could be taken for almost 17 or 18! Time has no mercy to any of us. I hope that the millions of prepubescent girls will not stop adoring him and dreaming of him. I would be such a tragedy. Who knows, maybe the new hairdo will mark a new epoch in Justin’s life and in a year or two we will be able to see a new volume of his memoirs?
A bit sarcastic, would you say? Well, what do you expect? This boy is 16 years old, for Haven’s sake and he published already his memoirs! And it’s sold as a hotcakes all over the world. An autobiography at sixteen. He is one of the richest child ever existing who did not inherited his fortune but who earned it. As a singer, or more precisely: as a pop icon. And, to be honest, he doesn’t even sing that well or has any particularly good voice. But he is cute as button! And that’s what matters.
It used to be that trends and fashions were created by mature people – they hold the strings to the purse and therefore dictated the market. Later young adults took over the reins of popular culture. Nowadays it is the children. Not teenagers even or hardly a teenagers. And throngs of utterly stupid parents who would spent thousands of dollars on children’s whims. No, there is nothing wrong with a popularity of a boy-singer or girl-singer. Child prodigy is not a new phenomena. But prodigy meant someone with an extraordinary talent. Not just mediocre abilities. Justin sings pleasantly, has a lot stage talent. But non of it is extraordinary. Compare Michael Jackson at the same age and there is realy hardly a comparison. And yet Bieber is much bigger than Jackson was at his age. Although to be honest, one must say that in ‘cuteness’ Bieber is better than Michael was. But, really? Multimillionaire, an author of an autobiography at sixteen, concerts all over the world with tickets sold well in advance, children staying in lines for hours or storming the stage, parents paying the scalpers extraordinary amounts of money for tickets? Really?

Can you imagine when the computers and new technologies will empower the truly preteen children or even toddlers? What would be the front page cover stories in “The New Yorker” or “Guardian” or “La Figaro”: 3 year old singing (screaming) sensation Boytoon shocked his fans in a new , blue diapers on stage?

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