Another set of documents form ‘secret’ US sources is just making rounds around the globe. Authors of the famous Wikileaks are slowly publishing parts of US diplomatic notes and telegrams. Damaging further the US in international opinion and world diplomatic circles. Hilary Clinton, Pentagon and many other top US officials condemn Weakiliks. Recently, they have used a very heavy artillery – an argument is being made that it is almost treasonous and would put American lives at risk. Very heavy and over the top argument. Is is the whistleblower or is it the US foreign policy that damages America and American lives? Is it the message or the messenger?
Many people believe it is th message and the right of people to know, some argue it is the right and privilege of a government to maintain secrecy. I think it neither. Specially not a right. Not in a democratic society anno domini 2010. You can’t start wars and invade other countries under the pretense of establishing democracy, to purport to be a champion of democracy and claim a right to secrecy inner documents at the same time. You are either an agent of the people or you are master of the people. It doesn’t work both ways. Not anymore. As the privilege goes – well, privileges are just that: a whimsical will and gift of the people and public opinion. It comes and goes. Unless one is granted a constitutional privilege. And the right to secrecy in inner administration communication certainly does not fall under constitutional privileges.
That other countries (their diplomats) might not want to be as candid anymore with discussions with US counter partners? Well, it all depends what they want to achieve. Do they want to be honest with the American nation or just with the American government? And, of course, vice versa. And perhaps if it is offensive what you might say, perhaps you shouldn’t say it. After all, why a second or third level US diplomat must feel compelled to share his personal views of, lets say, German Chancellor with other in the Administration? Or who gives some high paid prick the right to call a French President an ‘emperor without cloths’? That’s not what I would call a diplomatic language and skills.
Funny that a lot of other countries do not feel the same way US Administration does. Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs recently mused that his country is just a little bemused by this revelations. As many others said. As the problem with Iran and Islamic radicalization goes – well, perhaps it is time to honest? And call a spade, well, a spade. Perhaps before you contemplate the use of your own armed forces against any enemy you should truly and fully present you case before your own nation. Mr. Bush junior tried it the other way – with disastrous consequences.
Democracy is not a convenient idea. It is an idea in constant change and constant evolution. Just as its subject: the society, the People. You can’t and shouldn’t be allowed to claim to be a democratic Government and maintain an imperial style court.
I think that the people behind Wikileaks provided us with an unusual and courageous set of documents. Very revealing indeed. For sure extremely educational. Perhaps in months and years to come somebody, somewhere inside any government will learn an important lesson. Diplomacy does not and should not be a veil for lies, intrigues and shenanigans of political masters.

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  1. hasan says:

    wikileak is very importat and is successful . it a americans game.I THİNK,wikileaks is a player… very good a player.their making to play.

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