Omar Khadr – a murderer or a victim?

The most famous (what an odd word to describe this young man, yet I use it based on a overwhelming usage in popular press) prisoner of Guantanamo Bay US prison is facing the final hours of American (un)justice at the Military Tribunal.
In 2002 15 year old boy found himself in Afghanistan in the midst of US invasion. Indoctrinated by his jihadist family, full of patriotic and religious fervor he did what many young boys would do in situation like that – decided to do everything possible to defend his faith and homeland against aggressors. How misguided that might have been never even occurred to him. In a nutshell – a tragic example of a child soldier used by clever and unscrupulous ‘teachers’ and ‘educators’ to do their bidding.
That eventful day in 2002 young Omar found himself in small battle, military skirmish. Supposedly he threw a grenade at an US soldier. A typical (albeit sad) result of a battle. Usually there is a casualty on both sides. It is not even certain whether it was him who killed that American soldier as there is enough doubt to the actual events. But irregardless. It is not that point. People do this in a war, especially soldiers. Perhaps somebody should charge the commanders who send them off to battle?
The tragic part is that Omar Khadr has been captured by US forces, interrogated by unlawful means and than incarcerated for 8 long years in a infamous prison camp at US installation in Guantanamo Bay. Many articles have been written about that terrible camp, its travesty of both US and international law. Its service to the beliefs that every means are justifiable to achieve the goal. He is the only child who was kept in that camp. And kept the longest of all its prisoners. A person who does not know anymore what a civilized society is, what a compassionate government is, what a rule of law is. What are the ideas and rules of conduct in relations between people should and could be. A person who was betrayed by his parents and family, by his own government (Canadian). Instead of rehabilitation and a chance to re-enter society e is today an animal who was constantly harassed, trained and ordered to be angry, resentful and ready to attack.
The farce of a US Military Tribunal at Guantanamo Bay is going to pronounce its verdict today. Omar Khadr, a s a part of a plea bargain process admitted to his guilt during his initial statement. Despite vowing earlier that he would never admitted to something he did not committed. But that bargain offered him only chance to see freedom and a chance to live. Part of that bargain is supposedly and agreement between US and Canada that after serving a year in US prison system he would be transferred to Canadian prison. The longest he could serve would be 8 years.
Dr. Michael Wellner testified on behalf of US government that Khadr is a bona fide terrorist who has little of no chance of socialization and rehabilitation. The same ‘good doctor’ quoted and used for his ‘learned’ discoveries from a book of a Danish racist with an anti-Muslim bias who thinks Muslim inbreeding has caused “catastrophic damage” to the gene pool — affecting intelligence and sanity — and that the Qur’an is a “criminal book. I have heard such a ,scientific testimony, before -I think during the evictions, murder and incarcerations of thousands of Germans of Jewish descent during the early 30ties in Germany.
The United Nation has strongly condemned this trial and rightfully evoked the charge of trying a child soldier. This might be one of the saddest (although on a minute scale and only as a symbol of a greater issue) remnants of the Bush doctrine and modern conduct of war.

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