Obama finally makes a mark

The (in)famous Health care reform in United States got it’s final approval from Congress. After a much ado about not much really the Americans will first serious health insurance in years. I would not call it really neither a revolutionary nor nowhere near the original proposals submitted by the White House. It is as much watered down version as a cheap beer in a seedy restaurant after midnight. But it is. Better somthin’ than nothin’. Or the status quo.
The entire discussion and war of words about this bill showed few interesting things:

the Republicans – albeit ultra negative and destructive in their campaign of lies and hatred showed a big discipline and united front and a surprisingly strong popular support;
the Democrats – are masters of lengthy lofty speeches and timid action afterward. And fractious to the extreme;
the President – totally unwilling to use his huge electoral victory and show a true leadership. In a style of Damocles almost – great oratorian, not a good general;
the American citizens – well, how to put it nicely? For God’s sake, what kind of schools have you finished and where have you been for the past 50 years?!

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