TV Reality Shows

Fat people, singing people, people looking for boyfriends, girlfriends, aspiring models, people who want to be drag queens, people who are lost, people who want to intervene in someone’s addiction. People. Ordinary, everyday people – us , them. Everybody. And, sadly very often – nobody.
The entire craze about Reality Shows is just mind boggling. Cheap, voyeuristic, tragic. And very misleading. What type of genre is it really? It is not a documentary, for most of it is staged. It is not art of a true cinematography. Rather a strange mix of preying on viewers naivety and sense of cheap trill. Like watching trough a window an illicit affair or a family argument in neighbors house.
Why bother with movies anymore? Ask passerby to pose for a moment, pay few bucks to the local thugs for a staged fight or actual beating ( why not, pay also the victim, so no one will say that you are not fair), offer free drink to a poor drunk so you can follow his misfortunes – and voila! You made a cinematic masterpiece.
It was alright at the beginning (specially the early Survivor series) – but now it is just an ugly disease of low class programming. It tries to replace intelligent discourse of people who know a bit more than the average viewer of given subject, tries to replace a role of an actor, director, screenwriter in creating a work of fiction. A fiction that has a very important role – it does not replaces reality: it suggest what a reality might or might not be. It explains the reality in a “unreal laboratory” of art.
What was at the beginning semi interesting has become a plague of cheap surrogates. It diminishes the importance of a medium called TV.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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