RCMP – which one?

These are to visual aids: a picture and more modern version – a video clip. Both are very important as they show the historical and painful change in attitude toward an instittion called The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. First photo shows a traditional vision of RCMP; a force steeped deep in our culture, national psyche and a symbol of pride, justice and protection.
Second is a short clip from TV news about one of the brutal and unnecessary use of Taser. Both visuals are contradicting each other. Strikingly different and with different messages. Which one will the RCMP decide to pursue and uphold? A lot depend on the Braidwood Inquiry (Dziekanski’s death in Vancouver) and how the Police Force will present itself in it. Yesterday, the first officer offered his insight as to his feelings, judgment and understanding of what happened last year at the airport. He summarized it in a statement, roughly transcripted,: I would have done exactly the same today in similar circumstances. That was said in room full of media, lawyers and a mother of killed man. Do I have a comment? Other than: astonishment, callousness? Does it speak only to the officers or does it speak to the entire Force? Given the fact that the officer is still a full member of the RCMP and is on the stand not only in relation to his private conduct but in relation to an official police action – is this a statement reflecting the overall philosophy of the organization or his personal inability to rise to the sad occasion and gravity of the Inquiry?

TV News about use of Taser by RCMP

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