Day 3

Today a lawyer for Polish Government presented a record of the Taser gun showing that the gun was deployed 5 times for an astonishing length of time totaling something in the vicinity of 40 seconds.
The lawyers representing the RCMP interjected adding that thats an evidence of the gun deployment, not an evidence pf how long the charge was directed toward Dziekanski. Does that mean that RCMP has another evidence that it did not? At any moment of the video footage we cant see a single time any of the officers pointing the gun at any other direction but Dziekanski’s. Also, the proximity of all the other officers would obviously put them at risk if the gun was not directed during discharge at Dziekanski. When there is a lack of clear evidence to the contrary – the logic is the evidence. And the logic speaks clearly in this case. And the logic does not seem to bode well for the officers. IF anything, it saddens me that I have to still call them “officers”. At the very least, they should have been called – former officers.
A word of correction to one of earlier posts: officer’s Rundel service in RCMP is not of 6-7 years, but only two.

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