Day two at the Dziekanski’s Inquiry


Today is day two of the Dziekanski’s Inquiry in Vancouver. The same officer continues his testimony. The overall impression is of amazing lack of police professionalism, lack of coordination of action or even slightest attempt to ascertain what the situation at that time was. Nobody asked any questions, nobody tried to gather any intelligence information. And they were at a major international airport! With other forces and departments present at the building and surrounding area. Nobody asked anyone from the public who were there, next to the policeman and Mr. Dziekanski. The testifying officer changes his “recollection” (very limited at best) constantly. Some of the answers are almost impossible to believe.
So far, it leaves me with a sad and incredulous feeling of : how do these people (RCMP officers) operate, who and under what insane reasons gave them the powers that they have? But also, a sinking feeling that it is endemic and rooted deeply in the organization and political structure. That the politicians are indeed afraid of the RCMP ( a police investigation can indeed ruin politicians career even if no charges at the end would be laid or no court case brought forward) and the RCMP is preoccupied more with its own self interest than serving the public. Adding to it is today public statement of the Police Chiefs in Canada and Canadian Police Association calling for arming of al police members with Taser guns and defense of this weapon as an excellent tool in police work. At the second day of the police testimony at the Inquiry! What a lack of sensitivity, arrogance and attitude best described as: the hell with what you are thinking, we know best.

And again – the underlaying cause of it is the leadership and and lack of sensitivity as to the nature of institution as the RCMP. To restore the respect once afforded to the Organization – it must do due diligence RCMP should be the first to strictly enforce the conduct of its members. To be in the forefront of prosecuting and eliminating those who break that conduct or who do not adhere to it. They are your enemies, gentleman. Not us, the public.. It must protect itself from its own obsession of protecting itself. Commissioner Elliot acts as a perfect bureaucrat, not as a leader with a vision. He protects his organization but lacks the understanding of what the organization is and why it is. Or what it ought to be.

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