Dziekanski’s Inquiry

I have just finished listening to the first part of the testimony of one of the officers responsible for the death of Mr. Robert Dziekański. The very first thing that strikes me is the appearance of unprofessionalism of the RCMP. How decisions as to dispatch are made; how decisions as who carries the Taser are made; assessment of situation in regards to received dispatch call; a total lack of plan how to proceed and how to make an informed and cohesive plan of action and response. More or less, everything is made (according to the testimony of the first officer being called to the Inquiry) ad hoc and left to individual interpretation. Is it federal police force or a bunch of neighborhood “Security watch”? At one moment the officer ( about 7-8 years seniority in the service, sic!) stated that he didn’t understand the difference between recalling an event (even with the aid of actual video) or learning about details of the event from the video. They didn’t even try to communicate with each other as what to do. Incredible and scary.

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