Police Forces – the fall into disrepute

Since the tragic killing of Mr. Robert Dziekanski at the hands of Canadian federal police constables at the Vancouver’s Airport, I started to watch more closely all police forces in Canada, and specifically in British Columbia. As the general level of brutality grows among the population (vicious gangs, acceptance of unruly and plainly rude behavior of people in their private and public lives, increasingly violent sport events in professional sport leagues) so does the brutal behavior among police rank and file. An old adage that brutality breeds brutality proves itself. But is it acceptable? Is there nothing to be done to stop or reverse it? There is. And it has to come down from the very top and from strict observance of rules and laws. For too long the other arm of the justice system ( the courts and judiciary) were way too lenient toward crimes committed by police officers. There is an appearance that members of forces are given preferential treatment in the courts and especially by the state attorneys. And in public life appearance stands for “is”. It should be to the contrary. The punishments should be stricter and swifter in the case of police members. They are being placed in a special position of trust and ought to be held to higher standards. Otherwise the entire system falls into disrepute.
A Police Chief in Vancouver is being find to act in a disreputable way by an independent Commission, offers his resignation, and then few months later is being offered the same job in another city (Victoria) by a vote behind closed doors as a person of “distinguishable” record “high standards of professional integrity” and so on. Are these people plainly stupid when they make such decisions? It would be more honest if they simply call a press conference and just state briefly: we don’t give a f.. what you think. I think that this would be less offensive and insulting to our intelligence than the lies and nonsensical explanations offered instead.

There is a Public Inquiry being conducted right now in British Columbia relating to the tragic murder of Robert Dziekanski (of course, it is not being called ” a murder”, although would have been if exactly the same actions were committed by anybody else but the police). All other avenues of seeking justice and answers as to what happened to Mr. Dziekanski – failed. The long awaited and postponed many times Inquiry is the last chance of the State to act in a way is should act – protection of safety, order and laws and punishment of perpetrators. Personal responsibility and possible criminal responsibility has been decided – there is not going to be any. But at least a right and just account of these tragic events is expected. Will the State fail again or will it begin an arduous and long way back into respect and trust?

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