Almost from the very beginning I had a very uneasy feeling about all the billions offered to banking and industry as a way of avoiding full blown crisis and so called financial collapse. It was too close to hysterical dogma “ something has to be done therefore let’s do it”. Something is not anything. So far not billions but trillions have been committed – and what is the result? Not very optimistic. Banks, despite receiving an obscene amounts of public funds, refuse to ease new tight strings on credit. The same banks and the same Executives, who yesterday gave them to almost anybody for anything, thus bringing the crisis to forefront and de facto creating it. CEO’s and multibillionaire owners are still immorally set in their lavish and truly sickening lifestyles as thousands workers are being laid off daily. Despite public promises made by politicians in the name of political smokescreen – no true and strong oversight created on how all these taxpayers money are being spent.
In 1874, Mark Twain wrote that he does not know of any as distinct criminal segment of society as the Congress. Very strong words. But how true. Over a hundred years later, the only difference is that the “Congress” stands now for entire political establishment of majority of the world. I believe that most of them (even if they have idealistic beginnings) are corrupt and sold off to the financial oligarchs of the world. As I write this words, in Davos in Swiss Alps the annual pilgrimage is under way. A pilgrimage of the worlds governments to the site of the world’s “captains of the industry”. Away from public scrutiny (as this is not a public gathering but private orgy of most powerful ones and neither press or pubic record is invited) deals are being made, promises offered and influence excerpted. What actions are being promised by our political leaders? And why they’re there? Captains of the industry or rather mafiosos of the financial gangs? How many of them are indeed former gangsters ( some perhaps even present gangsters) who made their first fortunes on illegal drug deals, assassinations and plain, borring corruptions. Most were never charged although known to police files. Now too powerful to be bothered by the police. Some made stupid mistakes (and enemies) and were charged and convicted during public trials set for the public. Sometime you have to sacrifice your own to create an illusion, that “justice is equal and for all”.
But it is neither. Justice is very expensive and purposely arcane system. The State has at its disposal government paid attorneys, investigating branch (police) and somewhat unrestricted access to public funds. A citizen must pay a lot for a private court case. Most of the time too much to even begin. Pro bono lawyers are scant and draw of the luck, especially if your case is not something of legal curiosity or possible public fame.
Democracy is slowly being eroded and used selectively. Hence my strong distrust of the entire unprecedented use of my and yours money to support segments of the economy which is in private hands and proved themselves not being capable of honest and good business. Let the bad apples fall and let be assured that a new good gardener will be found, who will tend the orchard. As long as there is a market for apples, there will be a place for orchards.

About Bogumil P-G

publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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