Bush swan song

Unrepentant, on his last stage performance president George Bush borrowed from old Sinatra’s theme in “Regrets? A few. But I did it my way”
He did. And it was a bloody way. I can’t say with any certainty that he was a bad man, immoral to the core. Maybe he isn’t. It is not as simply as in case of his VP, Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld – both a very dark, manipulative and hateful people, who would do very well in either Hitler’s or Stalin’s regimes. In all his tragic and sometimes imperially offhanded acts (“you are with us or against us”) there was still something human and almost naive about him. Perhaps he was just a simple albeit rich and powerful Texan cowboy, who could not understand the world beyond his ranch?
Maybe it is en end of an era started many, many years ago by Margaret Thacher and Reagan. An era of “free markets” and “globalizations” intertwined into politics of black and white. A time for Kaczynskis in Poland, Harpers in Canada. A time of ‘isms’, reminiscent of the 30ties in Europe. Ideology over common sense. Minus the egalitarian ideas. En era where the divide between ‘have’s’ and ‘have not’s’ have grown to unparallel depth and width. En era which culminates now in trillions of dollars being siphon off from public purse into the purse of private enterprise. Rome at it’s worse.

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