Monopoly money

The astronomical amounts of money being given in form of “assistance” to various industries and banks by different governments, following US example, starts to make me very uneasy. You know, that feeling you get when you stop reacting to thousandth call: “help!”. The first time you try to help, second you at least stop and check whats going on, but after a while you want even slow down. US Treasury is printing new dollar bills on overtime, non stop. Apart from the hundreds of billions already allocated to banks (and now GM, Chrysler and Ford), apparently the Federal Treasury is giving TRILLIONS in secret loans to some banks. Somebody is making huge profits at the expense of the taxpayer. And the taxpayer is being stuck with the bill. What is the worth of these tonnes of new US dollar bills? Worthless monopoly-money? I thought that it was the desperate way of communist states in the 60 and 70-ties to just print worthless currency. Now the US is doing exactly the same. Are we in for the same results?

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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