One hundred

One hundred young Canadians died on the fields of Afghanistan. Yet there is no public debate, no political serious discussion. Almost silence. Yes, of course, people and politicians do talk about it – but they do not discuss it. There is lot of scripted words: duty, patriotism, NATO obligation, nation-building, sacrifices, noble undertaking, military tradition (this one is really an art in itself by stretching the logical limits of meaning and truth) but there seem to be a utmost absence of an honest opinions on the merits of this war. And the nation as whole seem to not realize that it is at war. That coffins are coming back to Canada. Too many, perhaps. As if one would not be too many. But soldiers do die in wars. The question is: do we have a right to send them to war, is this a war the the nation needs to wage, is the cause sacred enough to commit young people to the trenches? People will go to streets and organize rallies and manifestation for this or that government ( very rare occurrence in “polite” Canada – I use quotations as the term should read: inert) but they are not interested to listen seriously and ask seriously if we need to be at war.

Very troubling first observation of this type of my country in almost 25 years of my being here.

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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