Canadian V-ce Royal makes history

Governor General of Canada will make history in a few hours. She will face constitutional challenge no other GG faced in Canadian past. She will either refuse sitting Prime Minister advice to prorogue (suspend) Parliament or will grant his wish. One of the sacred duty of Prime Minister in Constitutional Monarchy is to protect the Monarch (or the monarch’s Representative) form placing her in adversarial, political stalemate. Mr. Harper breached that trust by going with such request to the Governor General. His only reason to prorogue Parliament is to avoid a vote of non-confidence. This is a frivolous request as the Parliament has the sovereign right to make such a vote when it chooses. Specially when this Parliament just started a session and has not tabled any legislation yet, therefore it’s job is not done. As such this request could be viewed by GG as a suggestion, not a valid advice and be refused. That would put the GG in uncomfortable and constitutionally challenging position of refusing a sitting Prime Minister request. She could agree (as would be easier for her and less controversial) but she would have to deny the elected Parliament its rights and privileges. That would strike at the heart of our parliamentary democracy and provoke a challenge that the Monarch is interfering in a democratic, constitutional process. Either way – Steven Harper does a great disservice to our system of democracy and governance.
We do not vote for a Executive Power (President, or so on), we vote for Members of Parliament and they choose a Prime Minister of their liking. These are the people who represent the nation and they have a right to change sitting Prime Minister. And lets not forget that they have a power of 62% of the national vote in last election. Substantially more than the Prime Minister party on its own. They in fact represent the majority of Canada. Single Member of Parliament (even a prime minister) represents only few thousands voters in his/her riding. Only the entire Parliament represents the country. If the Governor General refuses his request, it may spark some anger in parts of the population (mainly in the West and specifically Alberta), but she will protect and strengthen the parliamentary system. Which in the long run is much more important than the fate of any prime minister.
Monument of Elizabeth II in Ottawa

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