Money, money …

There is that seedy, ol’ cabaret, Berlin circa 1936: young female singer and pastiche-like he/she middle aged partner are singing: “Money, money, makes the world go around…”. Yes, I’am sure you can still smell that smoke of cheap cigars and even cheaper whiskey in that decadent post-Weimar bar in hedonistic part of Berlin just before the New Order. Liza Minelli and her unforgettable performance in a movie “Cabaret”.
I can visualize that scene when I watch this never ending gatherings of world leaders, daily budgetary announcements from Europe, North America and Asia (Africa doesn’t have a new crisis – Africa is crisis in perpetual motion). Billion here, ten billions there, and so on. Too fast, too scary, too big to really understand the scale of it. Of course, we are still committed to capitalist system and free enterprise- it is just that we need to do all of this socialist things, temporarily, mind you.
And with small twist: we will use your (taxpayers) money to help the big companies, which are by the way still in private hands. Billion a piece. “Money, money…” Can anyone hear the shoes of marching SA troopers?

here is that scene watch?

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publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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