To you, America

As Barak Obama prepares to form his cabinet and to take reins of power into his hands, it is worthwhile to reflect a moment on the new “order”.
First – congratulation to all of America. Not only you choose someone who appears to be charismatic, intelligent, educated and somewhat cosmopolitan (in the good meaning of this word). You choose a leader who seems to understand and feel the dismay and truly a despair of the rest of the world of your recent tragic policies, your imperial actions, your pettiness, arrogance and your stance that could be characterized as “ because I can and so what?”. Apart from the crazy times of McCarthyism and your witch hunting in the 50ties, I can’t think of times that you sank so low in your prestige, your moral stance and your leadership. The world doesn’t hate you. To the contrary; the world needs a strong democratic leader, a champion of freedom and democracy. But you have abandoned this lofty ideas and become a thug on the international stage. A powerful, but a thug nonetheless. By choosing this man to be your next president, you stand a chance to become such a needed leader again. You might not, you might fail. But at least you stand a chance. And so are the rest of us.
Second – you just have come out of age. By slaying your own racial demons you might become an adult nation. It has such a powerful symbolism that nothing in your history compares to it. Symbols have a strange way of making its way into the soul of a nation. They can change reality. Not conceal it (as you have been doing for so many years) – but truly change it.
I wish you all of it.

About Bogumil P-G

publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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