between the old and new worlds

About two years ago or so I started a blog prompted by the tragedy of Lebanon in the aftermath of the Israeli invasion. Having a lot of past experience with publishing in traditional media, I never thought much about internet publishing. So much of it is arrogance, ignorance or even plain nastiness. Than an interesting thing happened. I grew to like it and to cherish the chance meetings of people from all over the world and their obvious anonymity somehow revealed their true feelings. I have met few very interesting and intelligent people. All of the sudden there was 5, 7 and than over 10 thousand visits. Perhaps somebody was listening. Perhaps someone was thinking. That’s a tall order, I know. But within the realm of possibilities.
That was on Yahoo360 blog pages. I probably will cease to publish over there as I missed many postings and too many very nice people who devout themselves more to romance and sweet sentimentality seem to populate that space. Maybe here I will find home again. Or maybe blogging is leaving my sphere of activity. Time will tell. To those of you who will stumble on this pages, I just want to say: welcome.

About Bogumil P-G

publisher, essayist, poet lived (and born) in Poland, later England, Italy, presently in Canada
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2 Responses to between the old and new worlds

  1. Deje says:


    I’m liking the look of your new ‘pad’

    y360 just turned into a torturous experience didn’t it? I agree with you on the sugar and sentimentality side of it, but I did manage to build up quite a cool group of commentators from around the globe, which was very pleasing. I’ll occasionally post stuff there ( if I think I’ve come up ‘with the goods’ )

    I’ll be bookmarking this page, so I can keep up with you and your world.

    Much respect and best regards


  2. I have always appreciated your blog and writings. And the way you use your language forcing it to become local and dialect-like – it makes it very personal and authentic. Thanks for stopping by.

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